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Sheet metal

Sheet metal is available in a

6" profile (Click here to see 6" profile)

9" profile (Click here to see 9" profile).

Available in 19 colors and 1 plain galvalume (silver).

(Click here to see 29 gauge color chart).

All sheet metal can be cut to the nearest half inch.

All sheet metal is .029 gauge thickness.

All panels have a coverage of 36 inches.


Screws are available for all 29 gauge colors.

Screws come in 3 lengths 1" - 1½" - 2" - 3".

Screws are available by the amount or by pounds.

Replacement Screws

1-3/4" Roofing Nails

#12x1" Self Drilling       85 in a Lb

#12x1-1/4"                     67 in a Lb

#14x2"                          40 in a Lb

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